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Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore

Five tips to help you find the best wedding photographers in Bangalore

Searching for the best wedding photographers in Bangalore is among the most important tasks for that special day. It is important to take your time while selecting from the various professional wedding photographer in Bangalore as the pictures that are taken on that once in a lifetime day are going to be the memories for a lifetime. But what must you consider while you filter from the top 10 photographers in Bangalore and find one that is best for you? Let’s try to answer that question and see how to go about finding the top wedding photographers for your special day.

Before you go online- go offline

The hardest part of this process is deciding on which photographers you should shortlist- since all of them look equally great online. Instagram feeds, websites, and portfolios of the top 10 wedding photographers in Bangalore are always going to be great- because they only put their best work online. So before you hop on their Insta feeds, talk to your friends and see who they recommend- 1-2 recommendations from them can help you narrow down your choices to a great extent.

Meet and interview

Once you have a few wedding photographers whose work you like and have a fee within your range, set up interviews. Talk to at least 4-5 top wedding photographers to get an idea of how they work, if they understand your requirements, etc.

This interview should be a 2-way conversation- they must ask you questions about how you want the photographs to look, what type of wedding you’re planning, etc. Try to learn about their team, an idea of what equipment they use (you don’t need to dig into the details and get too technical here), how they cover events with large gatherings, etc.

Look at complete wedding albums

Don’t just go by the few photos that they show you or have on their website. Look at the complete wedding album. How many pictures they took, did they capture the essence of the various moments, the quality, overall coverage, etc? All these things can only be observed when you have the complete album, and not by a few photos.

Get a package that covers everything

Get a customized wedding photography packages that covers details about all the events involved in your wedding- right from the pre-wedding shoot to rituals, sangeet, and all events including the marriage and reception. Get these details in writing- the final amount quoted by the photographer must cover all events for the entire duration- you do not want any surprises here later on.

How many photographers will cover the event, the number of hours they will be there each day, etc.- the best wedding photographers in Bangalore will ensure that the final quote covers even the smallest of details.

Postproduction Details

Professional wedding photographers in Bangalore shoot in raw files, which take significant time to process and convert as compared to regular JPEG files. It can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks or more to process all images and get them to you. Get an idea of how much time it will take for you to get the processed images, details about printing costs and time is taken, etc.

This is just a start to finding the best wedding photographers in Chennai. While the process may be a long one, taking care of all these things will ensure that your special moment is captured in a way that will help you cherish those memories for a lifetime.