Top 11 Things on How to Choose Best Wedding Photographers for your Marriage?

Top 11 Things on How to Choose Best Wedding Photographers for your Marriage?


It is important to know that how are you going to identify the best wedding photographer for your life time event including pre-wedding, engagement, wedding and reception.

Are they able to match all your requirements? Below are top 8 things you should know before choosing wedding photographer helps you to choose best wedding photographer.


  1. Wedding Photography Theme


Each event should have a theme, a photographer who doesn’t address or know about theme planning for your wedding is probably you are going in wrong direction in choosing a wedding photographer.

Wedding photographer should be able to talk about your desire on each event on whether you want romantic theme, funny theme, group work theme and ask questions on your desire and type of expectation you have on how your wedding photography needs to be done.

Experienced photographer will talk about time, wardrobe of yours, fashion style, bride photoshoot, groom photoshoot and in fact they show you the samples of end results that you are going to get at end of your wedding photography.


2. Wedding Venue Decoration Discussion with Wedding Photographer


You might be thinking that why should I discuss about wedding venue decoration with your wedding photographer. 100% of the brides and groom forgets to discuss with wedding venue decorators about colours involves on the wedding stage background decoration and the backdrop decoration.

Wedding photographer can show you samples of photos on how it is done on their previous assignment and how you can achieve proper contrast and great photos based on wedding decoration colours, wardrobe colours and jewels used.

Yes, a best wedding photographer should be able to give advice on all things associated with your wedding.


3. Discussion on Choosing your Wedding Dress Style with Wedding Photographer


It is very important that revealing your wardrobe selection of dresses with your wedding photographer as the best wedding photographer should be able to ask questions, ask photos of your wedding dresses in advance and wedding photographers will be doing his ground work on planning posture according to your dress & style.

Most importantly, wedding photographer should be able to talk about dress color and background wedding venue decoration color is same!

Yes, be careful while choosing your dress color should not be same as your wedding venue decoration colors at your wedding stage.

Best wedding photographer should be able to advise you all these aspects.


4. Workmanship on Wedding Photography


Ask previous photography project done by them so that you will be able to judge the quality of the photography work on wedding, clarity, theme.

Greater click comes from best skilled wedding photographers’ photo should talk Theme, Angle, Focus on details. Wedding photographer should cover all the aspects of your wedding includes decoration, jewels of bride, wallet and watch of groom, separate bridal photoshoot, groom photoshoot, couple photoshoot, group work theme photoshoots are key aspects you should ask your photographer.


5. Style of Wedding Photography

Best wedding photographer can talk about styles of wedding photography includes documentary, Candid, Storytelling, artistic wedding photography, dramatic wedding photography, adventure wedding photography and traditional photography.

In simple words, Type of Photography – Traditional or Candid?

Type of Videography – Traditional or Candid?

At Pic IT Studio, we suggest you to choose Candid as this is a life time event of yours, candid photography adds value to your wedding and you can cherish the memories at later days looking at the candid moments of your wedding photographs.

Why Candid? Candid photographs look natural, elegant and captures awesome memories of your wedding day through Candid Photography.

A skilled and well experience wedding photographer can talk about customization of wedding photography package.

Will take extra mile on understanding your wedding photography requirements includes time, date, audience size, style of photography, understands your expectation and budget.

Do not afraid to reveal your budget as most of the Bride, Groom & Couple fails to reveal ends up in landing on not getting right wedding photography packages.

Kind of scenes defines the cost of wedding photography. i.e., Drone view shots, traditional or candid wedding photography/video.

Be aware that cheaper cost photography comes at the cost of ending up choosing unskilled photographers, cheap camera gears & low-resolution photos on your wedding.

7. Copyrights

Most of the wedding photography studio hold the copyright of the photography taken at your wedding comes with credits of photographer name on your photo.

In fact, some wedding photographers won’t allow you to post your own wedding photographers without giving credits.

Ask for plain photographs without credit comes with additional cost or not while choosing your wedding photographer.

8. Time of Delivery

Check on delivery time for your wedding photographs, normally all the photos should have come to your review before full edit. Get a delivery time on bifurcation of photos for your selection, album design template delivery time & album delivery time.


9. Friendly Wedding Photographer Brings You Valuable Memory


Choose a wedding photographer who gels up with you, trust me it is not hard to find if your wedding photographer answers all the above questions of yours with a smile and takes time to understand your requirement with patience.

Why Friendly Photographers gives awesome results? Friendly ones know your emotional value on your life time event.

Also, we at Pic IT Studio encourages friendly conversation and in fact we use to spend maximum hours in making conversation with our clients.

10. Album Designs

Ask your wedding photographer for Album designs done on his previous project so that you will know what is your end results as wedding album designs are the key end result of your wedding bring you everlasting memory to cherish about your wedding at later stage of your life.

Something similar to below video sample of album designs and size might help you understand the type of delivery on Album you are going to get at the end stage.


11. Camera Tech Spec


Yes, it is important to ask what type of cameras are being used in your wedding photoshoot.

Say strict no 720P cameras, Camera should be HD or 4K so that each and every details of your wedding are going to be a treat for your eyes.



Always check above aspects while choosing a wedding photographer can help in multiple ways in deciding multiple factors for your wedding includes theme, decoration, designs, type of photography on your wedding, wedding saree, wedding dress, wedding venues, traditional photography or candid photography and wedding planning services.

Get finalize things at least before a month, make an advance to your wedding photographer as best photographers are never be free at peak wedding dates and you might end choosing a average wedding photographers at cheaper quality.

Wish You an Advance Happy Wedding Day!

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